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How could i send whatsapp messages to all my contacts by one click | SamidTech

WhatsBlast Bulk Messaging

I want to send one message to all my WHATSAPP contacts with only one click, is that possible?

The answer is yes!
If you are using an Android Emulator on a PC or an android phone,  and ios phones also, with this application you could do it easily!

How to use this app?

A-Download the app by clicking this icon  : 

How to Send customized messages?

  • write your message in the case of written messages.

  • Select all your contacts that you want to send them your message.

  • Preview
  • Send the message, and all done

If you have a company or you are an advertiser WhatsBlast is ideal for you.

B-Personalize your messages 

WhatsBlast will powerfully include the first name, as well as Lastname of your contacts relying upon your needs. The WhatsApp application will be opened for each contact with the modified content and the contact filled. You will simply need to send them! 

C- Manage your Groups

Make and edit the contacts of your groups. At that point, you can send WhatsApp messages to the right people. 

D-Avoid Mistakes

You can preview your messages before sending them! You would then be able to modify each message before sending it, and this is a cool feature.


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