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Transform your text to a professional speech | Samidtech

How to Transform a Text into a Voice Speech?

Everyone at one time before wants to transform his written text or words to a speech a real speech with beautiful female or male voice tts
There are many ways to do that with guaranty, so let's learn right now what is these ways or methods.

1- By using a program

There are many programs that could allow you to transform a letter or sentences or even a text or a word document to a beautiful male or female voice, but the problems are those programs are paid ones and there is few for free.
for example : 

You could try it for  a free trial period 
The downloads link:

2-using online free service

This way is a beautiful one, you just paste your text click slow, fast or regular then chose a female or male voice then play.
But you can use only the demo for free.
You could save the played voice to your desktop by using a screen recorder because the download isn't free.

Please watch this video 


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