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Google chrome Add-ones is a little program used to make your browser special and add some features to it as its name indicates, to improve the browsing experience and customize the functionality of this browser google to make the user able to do some needs or preferences.
The Google chrome Add-one is built on basic web technologies as Html language and java scripts, once installed, it becomes integrated and it now can be used safely.
There nice thing that they are a lot of Google Chrome extensions that can save your time, boost your productivity, automate many routine tasks, and simplify site management and blogging in several areas like security, SEO, marketing, ad management, link validation, and browsing, etc...

The problem is not the lack of available plugins; on the contrary, the problem is that there are too many Google Chrome extensions, which are tens of thousands, that can not be captured or tested, nor are they in quality, performance, or security.


In this blog, we are going to talk about five Add-ones you must have in your Google chrome browser.


Managing and remembering passwords for all the services and forums you always use as a site owner is difficult; it's virtually impossible to remember the logins for all of those accounts.

LastPass is a Google Chrome extension that is used to manage passwords. It saves your passwords, provides access to all computers and mobile devices that you work on, and uses approximately 9000,000 at the time of writing.

This extension also allows you to generate strong passwords, and automatically sign in to sites where you've stored your login details without having to click any button. In addition, you can add your actual address and credit card details, and bank account details without any problem.

The LastPass add-on also provides you with a safe place to save your notes, and only you can view or access them. In general, LastPass is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for password management.

2-Keywords Everywhere

This extension is one of the most important and the most useful keys on  Google Chrome extensions in keyword selection. The daily search volume displays a particular keyword, plus cost per click data, and competition information on keywords. This add-on is very popular with webmasters and SEO professionals, and even bloggers or content maker is employing by more than 742,600 people at the time of writing.

Once you've installed this extension, whenever you search for a word or phrase in Google, you'll see the daily search volume for that keyword or sentences or a word displayed below the search bar, next to the relevant keywords, and the cost per click.



This extension is one of the indispensable Add-ones for bloggers, marketing experts, webmasters, etc, especially email marketing. This extension allows to the users sending lots of e-mail messages to the target groups right from the control panel of Google's famous Gmail service. With the possibility to modify and customize those messages.

You can go to the Google spreadsheet to import and customize data, by specifying your name, email address, or any other columns available in Google spreadsheets.
In addition, this extension enables you to easily track openings, clicks, and response messages to people who have interacted with the emails you've sent.


Making language mistakes is common widespread in web writing and it's unavoidable, 

 English is now the world language used to communicate with all visitors, advertisers, or anyone who wants to talk to you.

Grammarly is one of Google Chrome's basic free add-ons for webmasters and bloggers or writers, helping to correct linguistic errors, orthographs, and most common language mistakes. This add-on analyzes the text and provides you with suggestions to improve drafting and writing in English.


SEOquake is one of the most popular free Google Chrome extensions that show you some key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools for webmasters and SEO professionals such as:

  • Get a comprehensive analysis of search engine results (SERPs) and export results in CSV format.
  • Determining the difficulty of competing for the keyword.
  • Sets search parameters (parameters for a search query).
  • Perform a full SEO check on the web page, including checking compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Check social statistics on Facebook.
  • Get a complete report on internal and external links.
  • Specify keyword density.
More detailed information can be found by clicking the Add icon in the Extensions bar.

Hope this helps you out...


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