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My little experience making money on Khamsat a micro and medium Freelance Platform (2020/2021) | Samidtech

My experience making money using Freelance websites

  • I used Khamsat an Arabic micro and medium services website, like the world-famous micro job Fiverr

  • How did I work and how much I made?
I'm a Moroccan native man, my original language is Arabic, so the first idea for an Arabic living in North Africa is looking for an Arabic website for making micro and medium services .

In the beginning, I hadn't had a lot of skills, I have only some experience in social media management, I manage and support pages on Facebook to get thousand of followers and likes, I also helped a lot of people to grow their Instagram accounts and especially Twitter, using some skills and knowledge about Social media SEO.

Before working on Khamsat 

1-The first thing I did is creating an account on Khamssat 
Creating an account is easy and simple, everyone can do it.
⏩Create your account here⏪ if you are interested

2-the second thing is reading all the website information including rules and therms of use, the Experience of the other users, allowing services and jobs, etc ...
3-Choosing a niche depending strictly on my skills and the things that I can make it and I can do hard work on it.

4-Analyzing the other services in the same niche, gathering all Infos like how many services they sold, which kind of description they use, and put them on your service without copy and pasting the same things, write a service in your manners.

➤Working on Khamsat or 5amassat

After learning how to work on the website and after creating an account, in the beginning, it's ranked as new, but after 10 services are being done, your account got some trust and it becomes an active account type, this is a great feature➧➧ it helps you get tens of orders and so much more money.
The website is allowing services for at least 5$, and 5 services as the max number for new accounts.
The website takes 1 $ fee for every 5$ you made by selling or doing services, this is the only bad thing on the website.
➤Other websites like Khamsat and even better

  • English based websites


Note: Zeerk and Fourerr are the most preferred platforms for beginners to start on
  • Arabic websites
  • مواقع عربية لبيع و شراء الخدمات


The second best one after khamsat, thousand of users trust it and use it to sell or buy services. admit all withdrawal and purchase methods: VISA, MASTERCARD PAYPAL CASHU ETC


    For selling and buying any kind of services!
    You can make thousands of dollars on it or buy what do you want safely.
    Much more Like Khamsat.


    This is the best one in my belief for Arabe freelance to start making money on it, it's easy and clear to post services on it and the support is good and very helpful.
    Today,I do prefer this platform against Khamsat after the new restrictions on this later.

    ⏭All the websites above are alikes⏮

    My little experience making money on Khamsat (Fiverr like buy and selling services)

    ➤How to add a gig or service on Khamssat 

    Adding services is so easy, just click add service and fill all the blanks

    • For the picture section, use one that expresses highly the services 
    • Use the free website for design like Canva 

    Everything is clear!

    If you can't understand the Arabic language,  or you are not Arabe, I recommend you to use Fiverr!

    Ho much I make working only these days and doing three services only 

    Start earning your first dollars, you could make a thousand per month if you are a hardworker  😉


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