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Top Tips and websites to gain followers on Instagram twitter and other Social Media in 2021/2022 | FutureTech

The Top websites for social media marketing that can help you Boost your SM accounts and pages very easy

We are all using social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube, etc...
We have all account at least on one of them, we need so to do some actions like adding followers, likes, peoples to react to our posts in many ways, peoples to watch our videos, peoples to follow our accounts for giving them high quality and to make them famous for such a desire or for using them for making money in many different techniques, like marketing by buying products or something peoples are looking for it
In the list above, I'm going to check some websites that allow us to do all that free or by spending a few dollars only for thousands of services.

Websites for Paid SM promotions services 

 Click the picture above to see the platform 👆
Sign up easy 
Best website on the web right now .

  • Paypal is available as a payment method for all people old and new users.
  • The services are very cheap compared to the rest of the competitors, and these services are very diverse, including social media, marketing for songs and sounds for websites like Soundcloud and Spotify, and other services that benefit all types of projects.
  • Technical support is smooth and responsive and does not waste your rights. If there is a problem with one of your orders , you will get your full money back ,full refund
  • The best website I have tried so far and provides services that are not found in other sites, such as services to increase subscribers for Snapchat and other services that are done manually, which guarantees the security of your accounts and gives you real great results and benefits in the short and long terms
  •  Services on this platform start from 0.00004 only !!!

2- smmcpan

Click on it for access to the website or click the picture above!

This website is the best for buying anything, followers for Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr, Youtube watchers, subscribers, likes, comments, and much more.

Why this website is the best?

- Instant completion of services in less than 1 hour, for example, if you bought 400 Youtube subscribers, you will get them in one hour only and not in days on other websites!

-Best support for any questions, special services, feeds, or complaints, you just need to open the support, add your message and wait a few minutes for answers!
- Services for 0.01 dollar only per 1000
-admit the Arabic language and English and many other world languages.
I'm actually using this website and I have spent this amount promoting all my Social media accounts fast and easy 


As the first website, it's general for all kind of social media services, with a reasonable budget for every thousand of followers, subscribers or watchers, the minimum amount to add is 10 $, and you can add your money using your Paypal, Master Card or Visa card international, Westernewnion, perfect money, etc 

When you add money, you could start doing your service  
I have spent 


This is also an Arabic website, like the others, and is most have all features of the two others above, but there is some delay in completing the services, sometimes for days or even they never starting them at all.
But still very good by its good  support 24h/week, and its  simplicity to add amount by Paypal or another way like Mastercard, Visa cards, etc 
Visit it for more details by clicking o the picture above
I have spent this amount on this website

4- Boostsmm panel

English website, fast and good for completing all service, but it has high costs per 1000

Free Websites for free Promotions

The best free exchanging platform is like4like

If your points is 0 ,you can order 10k points for 5$ only and don't buy from the platform


One of the best website and easy to use,  fast, it allows exchanging by using 10 coins max, and 4 coins only at least, it's more competitive
Sign-up on this website is so easy and any child can do that.
the website gives you free 300 coins to use, just add a page of your favorite action, likes, followers, subscribers, comments and wait for them to come free 


One of the best platforms of exchanging actions on social media, it's based on points, you follow other people or you watch their videos, like them and for every action you got points, if you want to skip (every action that you don't actually like to do it ) to the other, you could make that easy.
how to work on this website?

1-Earn points by doing actions like follow or watch or surfing other websites

2-Go to add site or page, and add your services so easy, you could even choose specific countries which you want to show your services to them only, and this actually the best feature that found only on this website  

  • When you are off of points 

4- Easyhits4u

Similar to addmefast,easyhits4u is also a great website for Youtube and the other social media platform, you got real users that they exchanging actions with you like following or subscribing, liking or watching, commenting, etc ...

How to use easuhits4u?

1-login to the website by your Facebook or Google Gmail account
2-start making offers and gets credits or text ads and banners
3-Do your personal offer also and wait for people to make it 

 More websites 

You like hits

Very fast and has a big base of users 


Very easy and fast 

Another one 

Kingdom of likes


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