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25 Ways to Increase your adsense earnings + 2 Applicable methods and a Secret revealed in 2020/2021 | Google Adsense

Increase your Adsense Revenue in 2020/2021

A lot of people today are using Google AdSense as a source of money for their lives, and others using Adsense alternatives like PropellerAds which we are going to explain it someday!
We keep us in Adsense for now. I believe as an Adsense user that you have faced or you are facing many problems with Google Adsense Revenue, you work a lot and you drive a lot of traffics to your website, you got thousands of ad clicks but the result, unfortunately, a very low earning!
Don't worry about that no more, because we are going to reveal some secrets that they will help you to reach and multiple your revenue more than usual!
Before we take us into the applicable ways we need to set and comply with us with these steps that are very important to keep your Adsense account safe and as a result of that boosting your earnings, you will know how that after!

Important steps to boost your Adsense Revenue in 2020 and for all time 

  • As a first step: You must follow Adsense program policy 
  • Maybe is late for you but choosing a high CPC bids niche is essential
  • Use high CPC keywords, you can use some websites that offer that like 
webceo, SUMrush, Uberseggest, Google keywords planner and many more, just tape keywords research tools on google and you will get thousands of free tools 

  • make sure your density of keywords is good in your blog posts
  • make sure that your blog is mobile friendly and fast 
  • put ads on the right place, like the top of the page 
  • use different categories of ads (mixt of text, video and image ads )
  • use In feed and In article ads that google AdSense offers you 
  • use Adsense for the search to increase your revenue .this is a good feature that 99% of Adsense publishers partners don't know about it .learn more about how to set up it here 
  • use multiple ads units
  • RUN an experiment and study their impact on your revenue 
  • In those experiments, do one on general AdSense categories and make sure you stop the low CPC categories like gifts.I have already made a txt file with every categories and it's CPC or cost per click to help you in this situation, Download the general Adsense categories CPC txt file 

Download link 
  • Make sure your blog is Seo, because this will bring you free traffics and high cpc ad clickers
  • Promote your blog using paid advertising like Google AdWords
  • keep tracking your ads 
  • Block low CPC bids advertisers
  • If you create a short articles ,place ads on the top of the article as well as for all articles types
  • Avoid making blogs on common topics
  • use long-tailed keywords that easily make your blog rank on Google or organically
  • Use long heads for fast ranking
  • Keep publishing fresh and new contents
  • Contents may talk on trending topics 
  • Enforce your website by creating Backlinks
  • Avoid lot of ads in the same page 
  • Increase all Adsense parameters ( CTR ,CPC ,CPC BIDS ,PAGE RPM ,CPM ,CPE )

CPM: cost per mille mainly views of ads 
CTR : click through rate  ( if the CTR  is high this means that visitors are maximum clickers )
CPC : cost per click ( all the teps above and the applicable methods below are resulting the increase of the CPC ) 
CPC bids : Advertisers CPC bids on their ads
CPE : Cost per engagement 
Page RPM : Page revenue per mille 

Two Best Applicable Methods to increase significantly the CPC bids  

Go directly to to your Adsense account Blocking Control
  1. You will see all ads that are running on your website, take every one link and check the CPC of the ads ,if the CPC is high click mark as reviewed to keep it running,if the CPC is low make sure to click block the ad

2. Make sure you block all ads promos and coupons by searching for them using Filter or search for ads
3.Search for the CPC for every AD link , and let only those who have high CPC 

Tools that help you doing that 

Use keyword SEO tools like(to names a few ) :
If you didn't understand how !!

Watch this video to learn more :

The secret to reveal 😍👇

This secret is my gift for you because you have arrived here in reading my article, and unfortunately no one talked about it before !!!

To increase really your earning, search for the high advertisers on your niche, then put their websites links into your blogs, you will see their ads running on your blogs after some days 

Hope this article was helpful, If you want to thanks me, share this article 
Thank you for reading 

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